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The Rimage 2000i is the most versatile desktop CD/DVD recorder and direct to disc publishing system available. The large 100-disc input bin allows you to handle your unique CD/DVD publishing projects - large or small. Whether you need one disc or several hundred, the Rimage 2000i records your unique content and prints customized graphics and text directly on the disc for a complete, professional publishing solution.

The Rimage 2000i is a totally integrated disc publishing system that includes 2 recorders and 1 inkjet printer. The Rimage 2000i, with optional Office Net Software, can connect to a network and enables users to send jobs to over the network. The Rimage 2000i provides the most advanced robotic technology in the industry. The Rimage 2000i is the first fully assembled, out-of-the-box ready to recording and print solution in the industry. The Rimage 2000i is fully contained and requires no configuration.

  • Fully assembled out-of-the-box, all-in-one system
  • Reliable unattended disc publishing solution
  • Efficient 2 to 1 drive to printer ratio

Along with the industry leading robotic, the Rimage 2000i comes pre-mounted with the Rimage 480i printer assembly - the most advanced inkjet printer available today. Co-developed by Rimage and Hewlett-Packard, the Rimage 480i employs the most advanced printing technology in the industry. It features the fast print times, highest resolution, and the best color management in the industry. The Rimage 480i has the smallest droplet size (3 picoliters) ensuring maximum clarity and great economy in direct-to-disc printing. The Rimage 2000i also offers 4800 dpi printing and a full color spectrum of 16.7 million colors.

The 5100N incorporates Rimage's ten-year experience with making thousands of digital publishing systems for front office and back office environments. These state-of-the-art systems represent the latest advances in CD/DVD/BD publishing technology. New design advances ensure:

  • That the disc content and printed artwork always match and is the highest quality
  • The disc publishing process is easy to use in an office environment
  • And the uptime and serviceability are second to none

Rimage DLN5200 brings on-demand CD/DVD publishing, duplicating and printing to any Windows or MAC in any work environment. DiscLab combines proven Rimage robotics with unsurpassed print quality and image durability in a compact all-in-one solution.

The Rimage DLN5200 is a compact, all-in-one disc publishing system designed for front-office applications. DiscLab's power and simplicity lets users instantly record CDs and DVDs and waterproof, scratchproof, photo-realistic images printing provided by the Everest III printer.

  • That the disc content and printed artwork always match and is the highest quality
  • The disc publishing process is easy to use in an office environment
  • And the uptime and serviceability are second to none

Unique to the DiscLab family is the integration of a powerful embedded computer, eliminating the need for an external host computer. Hardware installation is as simple as plugging in a single Ethernet cable. DiscLab comes with all required software pre-installed, including disc content preparation, a disc image creation application, scheduling, and system management software.

DiscLab is a standalone network appliance and provides true "lights out" operation, providing instant, on-demand disc publishing for any user on the network. Throughput is maximized by Rimage's unique data streaming software, which implements multiple asynchronous parallel processing techniques, pre-fetching data and overlapping recorder and printing processes.

On-demand digital publishing from Rimage offers a costeffective and efficient solution to the continuously growing need for secure archiving and distribution of critical data such as video demonstrations, product parts and price lists, corporate reports, engineering drawings and software versions to name a few. Now one solution enables your entire organization to publish customized digital content and high-quality discs automatically, on-demand, as needed.

The new Producer III 7100N bring powerful CD/DVD production capabilities to everyone within an organization, making it as easy as using a network printer or copier. Unlike any other system, the Producer III 7100N deliver a client server experience through powerful, embedded computers, enabling the seamless connection of any desktop within an organization through a network or remote access.

Unlike any other system, the Producer III 7100N provides customers with a complete, central publishing system that acts like a network printer and is accessible to every user in an organization 24/7. From medical imaging and banking/finance, to retail and business services, Rimage Producer systems deliver more mission-critical applications than any other system in the industry today. Rimage Producer disc templates enable disc printing uniformity, providing the ability to convey corporate brand images and messages while ensuring ISO compliance.

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