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UP-DF500 FilmStation (TM) is a compact 14" x17" dry film Imager. This imager is designed to work with CT, MR, DR, CR, Ultrasound and X-Ray systems.

UP-DF500 Highlights:

  • 70 Films per hour
  • Automatic Film Calibration
  • Horizontal or Vertical Installation Choice
  • 3.2+ D-Max rating for outstanding contrast and black levels
  • Built-in Dicom Interface with easy to use Web Browser
  • Automatic Thermal Head Parking system
  • 130 films per hour when two are connected using a Film Station Link Cable
  • Outstanding Image quality

The Sony FilmStation Dual Tray Imager is a unique multi-film printer built on the design platform of the UP-DF500 FilmStation imager. The Dual Tray film imager incorporates many of the same unique features of the UP-DF500 model and adds a second output tray to accommodate multiple film sizes including 8 x 10", 10 x 12" and 11 x 14". This added feature gives the end user the built in capability to produce film prints film prints for a variety of modalities as well as low cost copies ideal for patient referrals. The UP-DF550 can be mounted horizontally or vertically which is a major advantage over other large centralized film imagers. The UP-DF550 Dual Tray Film Imager is an ideal choice for many modalities such as CT, MR, DR, CR, and X-Ray.

UP-DF550 Highlights:

  • Ideal for many modalities including CT, MR, DR, and X-Ray
  • Two trays accommodate multiple film sizes
  • Second tray supports 8 x 10", 10 x 12" and 11 x 14" film sizes
  • Fast throughput - 70 films per hour
  • Outputs economical patient referral copies
  • Built-in DICOM 3.0 Interface
  • Intelligent Memory - printer settings including IP address can be saved on a removable media
  • Unique vertical installation option saves space
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