Solution Overview

PACS/RIS administrator responsibilities include but are not limited to
  • Maintain data and patient information integrity
  • Check that technologists and radiologists are signing off cases as appropriate to avoid having any old cases that have not been read
  • Resolve outstanding quality assurance (QA) issues
  • Check for patient information for duplicate names or patient numbers
  • Check for unarchived exams
  • Check for free disk/tape space and replace as necessary
  • Change and erase tape for database backup
  • Check that reports are imported and associated with cases in PACS
  • Train and add new users to the system
  • Deactivate accounts for users that no longer require access to the system
  • Confirm that data (location, facility) is being imported properly
  • Add or change facilities, sources, and referring physicians as needed
  • Check image quality and adjust if necessary
  • Merge or move patient folders as needed
  • Check that there is enough media at hand to perform regular backups
  • Troubleshoot any DICOM network connectivity issues
  • Apply security patches to Microsoft Operating System
  • Work with PACS/RIS vendor to meet their general maintenance needs
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